Common Ringed Plover (Juvenile)
Common Ringed Plover (Non - breeding)
Common Ringed Plover (Spring)
Scientific Name 
Charadrius hiaticula
Arabic Name 
الزقزاق المطوق الشائع
Kuwaiti name 
52.0 cm
19.0 cm
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Least Concern
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Common passage migrant and winter visitor; rare summer visitor. One of the most widespread migrating Palearctic plovers, frequently using muddy shorelines and even small inland wetlands.
Where in Kuwait 
It is found in a variety of wetland habitats, including muddy, sandy coasts, mudflats, estuaries, lagoons and saltmarshes. It may also inhabit a number of artificial habitats, such as farmlands and sewage outfalls.
In the world 
A species with a large range and decreasing population. The majority of this species is fully migratory and travels either on a broad or narrow front depending on the location of each population's breeding and wintering grounds. Underground prey is enticed to come to the surface by ‘foot-trembling’, whereby the bird stands on one foot and rapidly taps the other on the ground, imitating the vibrations of rainfall.
Local threats 
Important migratory stop-over habitats for this species are threatened by petroleum pollution and degradation of habitat.