Kuwait Specialty

Kuwait offers the active and adventurous birder a unique opportunity to visit the South-eastern extremity of the Western Palearctic (as defined by BWP; Cramp and Simmons 1977). Over the years, Kuwait has become as a reliable country to see a number of regional specialities and Western Palaearctic vagrants; especially during Spring and Autumn migration. The quantity and eastern flavour of the passerine migration is considered one of the best that the Western Palearctic has to offer.

Winter months are not to be discounted, as a host of spectacular vagrants have also been recorded over this period. This period has included species like; Forest Wagtail, Indian Pond Heron, Ashy Drongo, African Darter, Lesser Flamingo, Sociable Plover, Little Whimbrel, Amur Falcon, Asian Koel, Eversmanns Redstart, Oriental Pratincole, Mongolian Finch, Eversmann’s Redstart and Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse.

The 290km coastline can be divided into 2-parts; 70km of inter-tidal mud flats in Kuwait Bay (from Sulaibikhat to Subiya) and 220km of sandy beaches and coastal islands in the Arabian Gulf, south to the border with Saudi Arabia.

The list below tantalises with some of the species that can be seen during a visit to Kuwait. However, many birders plan for at least one migration (Spring or Autumn) and a Winter visit to ensure the best chance of ticking the species occurring during those periods.