Crab-plover (Adult feeding juvenile)
Crab-plover (Juvenile)
Scientific Name 
Dromas ardeola
Arabic Name 
زقزاق السرطان
Kuwaiti name 
77.0 cm
39.0 cm
Least Concern
Kuwait Specialty


Very common summer visitor and common resident on Kuwait’s coastal mudflats. This extraordinary tropical shorebird has a tunnel-nesting habit unique among waders.
Where in Kuwait 
Another iconic species of Kuwait that is found primarily in the Jahra Bay area. Over 3000 breeding adults were recorded on Bubiyan in 2004 which is a significant proportion of the worlds breeding population.
In the world 
This species has a very large range and breeds from April to August in dense colonies, nesting in burrows set close together in sandy islets or dunes. It is the the only representative of the Dromadidae family and is commonly encountered in small groups foraging on the shore for its preferred prey of crabs.
Local threats 
Oil pollution and loss of habitat for both breeding and non-breeding periods. Due to the concentration of the global population within a relatively restricted range during breeding, a localised threat such as an oil spill or the introduction of nest predators, could have catastrophic results.