White-eared Bulbul
White-eared Bulbul
White-eared Bulbul
White-eared Bulbul
Scientific Name 
Pycnonotus leucogenys leucotis
Arabic Name 
البلبل أبيض الخدين
Kuwaiti name 
18.0 cm
Least Concern
Kuwait Specialty


Very common resident; breeds in Kuwait. Said to be absent from Kuwait before the mid 1950s; although the species is native to Iraq and Iran. It is widely introduced by man in many parts of Arabia. Currently a widespread garden and urban bird.
Where in Kuwait 
This is one of the more common species in Kuwait and typically found in pairs and small flocks in most urban areas with gardens and trees
In the world 
It has a large range with a declining population and is found in Kuwait, Bahrain, mid and southern Iraq, southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, north-western India, in parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and on the Arabian peninsula.
Local threats 
Trapping for the illegal bird trade and loss of habitat