Western Great Egret
Western Great Egret
Scientific Name 
Ardea alba
Arabic Name 
البلشون الأبيض الغربي
Kuwaiti name 
بو الخصيف
155.0 cm
95.0 cm
Least Concern


Uncommon passage migrant and winter visitor. One of the largest of the fish-eating coastal herons.
Where in Kuwait 
Small numbers are seen along the Jahra Bay coastline, on inland pools and occasionally in well irrigated farmlands.
In the world 
All populations of this species undergo post-breeding dispersive movements. The Western Palearctic population has been increasing as protected breeding colonies have expanded. Outside of the breeding season the species may feed solitarily or in small loose groups.
Local threats 
Pollution along the coast where it primarily feeds on migration. This species was persecuted many years ago for the plume trade (thankfully this is no longer a threat).