Little Egret
Little Egret
Little Egret
Little Egret
Scientific Name 
Egretta garzetta
Arabic Name 
الغرنوق الأبيض الصغير
Kuwaiti name 
بو الخصيف
90.0 cm
60.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Uncommon passage migrant and winter visitor. Elegant marsh bird, very similar to the pale form Indian Reef Heron but less often on the coast. Usually seen singly or in small groups; up to 20 in late August 1999.
Where in Kuwait 
Often found in and around sewage water and saline pools and farmland where there is both habitat and water. Not often seen along the coast, which is the domain of the Indian Reef Heron.
In the world 
This species has an extremely large range and most populations of this species undergo post-breeding dispersive movements.
Local threats 
Wetland degradation and loss through drainage for agriculture and commercial development.