Sooty Shearwater (UAE)
Sooty Shearwater
Scientific Name 
Puffinus griseus
Arabic Name 
جلم الماء الفاحم
106.0 cm
51.0 cm
Near Threatened
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In Kuwait


Extremely rare vagrant. A unique discovery was made of one individual photographed on route to Kubbar Island in mid May 2009; this is the first record for Kuwait and the northern part of the Arabian Gulf. A very scarce and poorly known visitor to Arabian pelagic waters.
Where in Kuwait 
Only one record for Kuwait as recent as 2009; and it is generally considered a vagrant in all of the Arabian Gulf. It must be said that very little sea-watching for birds such as this is done in Kuwait or the nearby countries so the occurance of rarities such as this probably do go unoticed.
In the world 
An abundant Shearwater of the world oceans. It breeds on islands off New Zealand, Australia, Chile and the Falkland Islands and has preference to the cold pelagic waters of both the southern hemisphere and parts of the northern hemisphere as well (Eastern Pacific Ocean of North America). It is regular along parts of the North Atlantic and the extreme western part of the Mediterranean coast in Autumn and Winter.
Local threats 
Although it has a large global population, it is thought to be declining due to the impact of fisheries, harvesting of it's young, and possibly climate change.