Western Barn Owl
Western Barn Owl
Scientific Name 
Tyto alba
Arabic Name 
Kuwaiti name 
بومة , قبسة , كندرة
89.0 cm
35.0 cm
Least Concern

In Kuwait


Scarce disperser in all seasons; has bred in Kuwait. During its breeding period this is a very secretive owl, despite the fact that it will nest in human-made structures such as irrigation wells and old disused buildings often within urban areas. This owl often hunts for rodents on agricultural land.
Where in Kuwait 
Very little is known about this species in Kuwait. Since it does associate with humans it can be found in urban and agricultural areas. It has been recorded in the Jahra area as well as on large farmlands.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range; in many parts of the world its populations are stable. It is one of the most wide-ranging Owls in the world, found in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. In flight it is ethereal and ghost-like. The bird looks like no-other owl, with a heart-shaped facial disc; it does not hoot, instead emitting a long, eerie screech. With its asymmetrical ears, this owl has one of the most acute hearing abilities of any animal.
Local threats 
Secondary poisoning through pesticides that kill its primary food source could be a potential threat. In many Mediterranean countries and the Middle East shooters often kill this bird since it ofter forages early in the morning.