Tree Pipit (Non-breeding plumage)
Tree Pipit (Spring)
Tree Pipit (Spring)
Tree Pipit (Non-breeding)
Scientific Name 
Anthus trivialis
Arabic Name 
جشنة الشجر
Kuwaiti name 
15.0 cm
Least Concern


Common passage migrant and scarce winter visitor. Very similar to Meadow Pipit, but usually distinguished by its discordant buzzing flight call. Often in small flocks on passage, usually on agricultural areas where it hunts insects stealthily in the grasses.
Where in Kuwait 
Care must be taken not to confuse this species with Meadow Pipit. Tree Pipits can be found in a wide variety of habitat, from urban environments at Green Island, to inland pools in Jahra and as far west as Al Abraq during passage migration.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range and in Europe, trends since 1980 show that populations have undergone a moderate decline. It breeds across most of Europe and temperate western and central Asia. It is a long-distance migrant moving in winter to Africa and southern Asia. It can be distinguished from the slightly smaller Meadow Pipit by its heavier bill and greater contrast between its buff breast and white belly. Tree Pipits also more readily perch in trees.
Local threats 
Habitat loss and degradation.