Steppe Eagle (Juvenile)
Steppe Eagle (Juvenile)
Steppe Eagle
Scientific Name 
Aquila nipalensis
Arabic Name 
عقاب البادية
Kuwaiti name 
210.0 cm
75.0 cm
Least Concern
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Very common passage migrant but scarce during winter. The most abundant of Kuwait’s large eagles; up to 2000 birds have been observed on migration in September when it is regularly seen in desert areas.
Where in Kuwait 
As its name suggests, the Steppe Eagle mainly inhabits vast, semi-arid areas of grassland, although it also frequently occurs in semi-desert.In Kuwait, this species is considered to be a true desert Eagle and this is where it is mostly seen during migration
In the world 
It has an extremely large range, but with a declining population. There are two recognised subspecies of steppe eagle, Aquila nipalensis nipalensis and Aquila nipalensis orientalis, the latter being slightly smaller, with paler plumage. Subspecies Aquila nipalensis orientalis breeds in extreme south-east Europe, southern parts of the Russian Federation, and Central Asia as far east as eastern Kazakhstan. During the winter, it migrates to the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and eastern and southern Africa. By contrast, Aquila nipalensis nipalensis breeds from the Altai Mountains, south to Tibet, and east as far as north-east China and eastern Mongolia, and mostly winters in southern Asia
Local threats 
Indiscriminate shooting.