Eurasian Scops Owl
Eurasian Scops Owl
Eurasian Scops Owl
Eurasian Scops Owl
Scientific Name 
Otus scops
Arabic Name 
الثبج الأوربي
Kuwaiti name 
بومة , كبسة
54.0 cm
20.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Uncommon passage migrant. A very small migrant owl that is strictly nocturnal, roosting in dense foliage by day. It is widespread throughout Kuwait on spring and autumn passage wherever trees are present.
Where in Kuwait 
A superbly camouflaged species, the greyish, heavily marked plumage of this species makes it almost indistinguishable when perched against the bark of a tree. It has a requirement for good tree cover, offering suitable sites for roosting and nesting, along with adjacent open ground in which to hunt and although cryptic can be found anywhere in Kuwait where there is suitable habitat.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a decreasing population due to habitat loss and destruction. It's range, encompasses southern Europe, parts of North Africa, Asia Minor, the Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia. Populations also occur locally in parts of Central and Eastern Europe. A nocturnal species, during the day the common scops-owl conceals itself in the trees, camouflaged against the bark. If approached by a predator, this species further enhances its disguise, by stretching its body and even swaying back and forth to imitate a branch
Local threats 
Degradation and loss of habitat and pesticides which decrease the availability of prey