Broad-billed Sandpiper (Breeding plumage)
Broad-billed Sandpiper (Early autumn)
Scientific Name 
Limicola falcinellus
Arabic Name 
الطيطوى عريضة المنقار
Kuwaiti name 
35.0 cm
17.0 cm
Least Concern


Uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant. Up to 500 recorded in late April 2005. A globally rather scarce and elusive sandpiper. In Kuwait it frequents coastal areas and inland pools.
Where in Kuwait 
It shows a preference for muddy areas on the shores of pools, but it is also found on shallow freshwater, brackish and saline (sometimes hyper-saline) pools and primarily in the Jahra Bay area
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a decreasing population and is a full migrant, and migrates on a broad front by making short flights between a series of stop-over sites. The species migrates singly or in small groups, although during the spring migration flocks of up to several hundred can occur.
Local threats 
Habitat loss and degradation as well as oil pollution