African Sacred Ibis (GREECE)
African Sacred Ibis
African Sacred Ibis
Scientific Name 
Threskiornis aethiopicus
Arabic Name 
الأنوق المقدس
Kuwaiti name 
أبو منجل
112.0 cm
80.0 cm
Least Concern

In Kuwait


Extremely rare vagrant. Formerly this large Ibis was widespread in the Middle East and was venerated by the Ancient Egyptians. Small native populations exist in Iraq and Iran; It has also been introduced in the southern Gulf.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 2 records for Kuwait with the last being a flock of 17 in 2007. Both records were seen in the Sulaibikhat and Jahra areas. It is thought that these birds are part of the breeding population of the southern Iraq marshes.
In the world 
This gregarious species is an intra-African migrant with an extremely large range. Some populations may be sedentary, like those in Southern Africa; but those north of the equator migrate northwards.
Local threats 
Unknown, but it is threatened by avian botulism in its breeding colonies.